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Episode 71: A New Friend and Boundary Crossing

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 71: A New Friend and Boundary Crossing

Show Notes

It started with a note in a backpack and ended with a bucketload of complex emotions. The summer of 2005 to the summer of 2007 was a relatively normal time, but it would end in disaster because of a new friend I made. There were red flags everywhere, but I chose to ignore them because I felt like we really clicked and we were bonded by motherhood. That boundary crossing would come back to haunt me later and would impact the next decade of my life. 

Key Takeaways: 

[4:41] Getting sick, having a terrible holiday, and resetting goals 

[10:52] Connecting with my college friends and stories of sexual abuse

[18:05] Summer of 2005 and losing a baby 

[20:31] It started with a note in a backpack and making a new friend 

[22:30] Feeling like Amy was “off” but diving into a friendship 

[26:28] Receiving constant phone calls and crossed boundaries 

[27:36] Triangulation, enmeshed friendship, and ruined relationships 

[30:43] Not knowing much about Roy and being uncomfortable 

[32:37] The disastrous dinner and keeping the kids isolated 

[38:14] Arguing over driving and picking up the kids 

[41:18] My friendship with Amy ate into my family time 

[43:49] Amy and Roy leaving on a trip and not contacting me for 3 days 

[45:17] Seeing more and more red flags, but feeling insecure in the friendship 

[48:21] Helping Amy get a job, but she crossed over my boundaries 

[50:23] It was emotionally taxing to deal with boundary crossing

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