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Episode 72: Navigating a Complex Friendship

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 72: Navigating a Complex Friendship

Show Notes

My first 2 years of my friendship with Amy were a gift, but I didn’t know how it would change the trajectory of my life. We truly did click as friends as our friendship was largely centered around motherhood. But our communication styles and how we lived our lives separated us. In this episode, I explore how a relationship changed my life and drove my other friends away. 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:04] Staying in abusive relationships 

[5:57] My friendship with Amy was centered around our kids 

[8:30] Struggling financially, but not knowing how bad it was 

[10:10] It was like Amy had two different personalities 

[11:40] Being called a compulsive liar 

[12:42] Helping one another with birthdays and having fun 

[14:53] Birthdays should be about the child, not the adult 

[16:38] Differences between Amy and my religion 

[18:33] Letting Amy jump over my boundaries 

[20:23] Our communication styles differed 

[21:20] The boat and Amy dropping off her children unannounced 

[23:55] My life was rapidly changing especially in my career 

[25:51] All my friendships became strained, but I was blind to it

[27:06] Amy appeared like didn’t want to be with her kids and consent

[28:24] The first 2 years my friendship with Amy was a gift 

[30:43] How my perception has changed all these years later


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