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Episode 74: The Restraining Order

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 74: The Restraining Order

Show Notes

The tension was starting to become overwhelming when a restraining order came into play. Amy and I both pulled away from our friendship and I had our children separated in class. The stress permeated every aspect of my life as the situation became worse and worse. In this episode, I look back on how the restraining order was used and the impact it left. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:44] Amy’s strong desire to cling to me

[6:25] Roy oversharing with Teresa 

[10:10] Pulling back from my relationship with Amy 

[12:32] Amy obtaining a restraining order and Roy finding out 

[15:31] Going to court and Roy not fighting the restraining order 

[18:07] Amy pulled away from me and disappeared for hours at a time 

[22:54] Working with Amy and feeling left with a knot in my stomach 

[24:59] Meeting Amy’s new boyfriend 

[26:11] Reality started to click in about the situation 

[29:17] I asked for Morgan and Gracie to be in separate classrooms 

[31:41] Starting my sabbatical, stressful times, and looking back 

[33:54] Thinking about how my life could have been different 

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