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Episode 75: Trying to Cut Ties

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 75: Trying to Cut Ties

Show Notes

As I started my sabbatical professionally things were going great. I connected with the children and created a curriculum that I was proud of. My relationship with Amy and her family was dwindling, when Roy came back into the picture and it turned my world upside down. In this episode, I go through a series of conflicting emotions and what was truly the calm before the storm. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:43] What I wanted to achieve on my sabbatical 

[5:48] Amy’s utter devotion to her relationship over her children 

[7:31] The changes I saw in Teresa 

[8:37] The work I did on my sabbatical integrating mind, body, and soul

[11:06] School drop off and a deteriorating relationship with Amy 

[14:55] Having less interaction with Teresa 

[16:33] Pulling away from Amy and a flurry of emails 

[19:13] Staying on sabbatical longer and conflicted emotions 

[21:20] Having a wonderful track season and vacation 

[23:39] Morgan and Teresea being moved abruptly 

[24:24] Searching for Roy on Facebook and talking to him 

[31:30] Being able to have a little contact with Teresa again 

[32:48] Meeting Roy for a drink and discussing our lives 

[36:15] Roy invited my sister for dinner which was upset about 


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