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Episode 80: Spending Hours in Court

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 80: Spending Hours in Court

Show Notes

In 2011, I was working a million jobs just trying to pay the mortgage and keep busy. I was spending time with Roy where I could and a lot of our time spent together was spent dealing with court hearings. As that was going on I started CrossFit, our house almost went to auction, and Kenney got sicker and sicker. It was a whirlwind, before it would all come crashing down. 

Key Takeaways: 

[5:05] Working at Flips with Robin and Skye 

[8:33] Keeping my life open for Roy to be in it

[11:29] Being harassed and getting a restraining order 

[14:12] Spending a lot of time in court with Roy 

[16:03] Struggling financially, but it slowly getting better 

[17:45] Arguing with Kenney and regrets 

[18:47] Arguing with Roy and then it was like it never happened 

[20:59] Starting CrossFit and finding community 

[24:29] My friendship with Robin could be toxic 

[26:17] Our house almost went up for auction 

[27:44] Kenney was getting sicker and sicker 

[29:43] Having this very busy life 

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