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Episode 81: Having An On Again, Off Again Relationship

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 81: Having An On Again, Off Again Relationship

Show Notes

In the time leading up to Molly’s death, I had a tumultuous relationship with Roy that was on again, off again. This created chaos in my life as I was finally becoming financially stable, finding hobbies I enjoyed, and trying to give my daughters a good life. As I look back on it all, I realize I was recreating childhood trauma. 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:39] Spring and Easter are difficult now that Molly died   

[3:29] Finishing my book and remodeling my house 

[4:36] The school district has changed for the better 

[6:45] What I was accused of by Chris Rath

[8:07] Being conflicted about resigning from teaching 

[10:28] Being on edge and keeping my schedule chaotic 

[11:58] Molly and Gracie stressed out about fitting in 

[14:43] Molly and Gracie had wonderful friends at dance 

[18:19] Financially my life was getting more stable

[19:34] Having an on again, off again relationship with Roy 

[21:31] We all tried to get restraining orders against one another

[23:33] Never having communication with Roy

[25:45] My daughters weren’t comfortable with Roy   

[26:54] I ended up just recreating my childhood

[29:47] Kenney and I divorced, but live together 

[30:41] Positive things happened in my life as well 

[33:06] What next episode will be about 


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