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Episode 82: Repeating Patterns From My Childhood

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 82: Repeating Patterns From My Childhood

Show Notes

My life felt like it was exploding as I was living 3 major life crises: Roy, Robin, and Kenney. They were all happening at once. My social life imploded and became non-existent, Roy and I “broke up” and got back together, and Kenney moved into an apartment. As I look back on these years I just feel terrible as I ended up repeating patterns from my childhood. 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:20] Living these two different lives 

[4:11] Robin wanted me to only like the people she liked 

[5:31] Being busy 7 days a week 

[8:08] Getting divorced and seeing Roy all the time 

[10:08] Roy always being friends with women and me not reacting well 

[12:09] Living 3 lives: Roy, Kenney, and Robin

[14:18] Robin and I shared the same social circle 

[16:55] I felt like my life was exploding 

[20:12] Kenney tried to drag me down the stairs 

[23:19] Kenney moved into an apartment an hour away 

[25:57] Robin ending our friendship and losing my social life  

[33:03] Roy came to my house and dumped my things out 

[36:09] Roy and I’s relationship “ended” and we went skydiving 

[39:48] Gracie remembers this time as a happy one 

[41:24] Repeating things from my childhood 

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