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Episode 83: My Toxic Relationship with Doug

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 83: My Toxic Relationship with Doug

Show Notes

In the summer of 2015, I met a man named Doug who changed my life for the worse. My relationship with him made me feel chaotic and like I was uninvolved in the lives of others around me. It took time away from my family right as Molly began to get sick. In this episode, I look back on how I got sucked into this relationship and the lasting impacts it had on my life. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:34] The summer of 2015 was like a tsunami 

[5:52] Molly and Gracie were growing up 

[7:30] Meeting Doug changed my life for the worse 

[9:49] Doug followed me everywhere and convinced me to work for him 

[14:25] Doug took time away from my family 

[19:17] Roy got mad I was texting Doug 

[21:14] Feeling chaotic and uninvolved in my own life 

[23:57] Doug kept inappropriately reaching out to people in my life 

[25:57] Molly began to say she wasn’t feeling well 

[28:01] Spending time with Roy and Kenney and I are unhappy

[29:36] Wondering how I could of made these choices 

[32:20] Not thinking much of Molly’s headaches 

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